The Coolest Offices in the Netherlands

The 8 Coolest Offices in the Netherlands:


 Amsterdam, Netherlands

 Computer Software


 Elastic Open Positions

Elastic builds software to make data usable in real time and at scale for search, logging, security, and analytics use cases.

 Amsterdam, Netherlands


 15K+ Open Positions is one of the world’s leading digital travel companies, available in 40+ languages and 155,000+ destinations.

Photo by Matthijs van Roon

EDGE Technologies

 Amsterdam, the Netherlands

 Real Estate


EDGE Technologies Open Positions

EDGE Technologies develop and operate the best buildings and environments actively contributing to the wellbeing of people and the world.

Photo by Bram Vreugdenhil


 Amsterdam, Netherlands



 Uber Open Positions

Uber develops, markets, and operates a ride-sharing mobile application that allows consumers to submit a trip request.

Photo by Jasper Sanidad

Bakken & Bæck

 Amsterdam, Netherlands

 Information Technology & Services


 Bakken & Bæck Open Positions

Bakken & Bæck is a small, passionate team that helps startups and established companies plan, design and build digital products.

Photo by Tekla Evelina Severin


 Amsterdam, Netherland

 Computer Software


 Lonatech Open Positions

Lunatech was founded in 1993 as an IT consulting, product research and development team.

Photo by Cleo Mulder

Philips Lighting

  Eindhoven, Netherlands.

 Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing


 Philips Open Positions

Philips Electronics is a company whose activities cover all aspects of healthcare and well-being, with a focus on improving people’s lives.

Photo by Jonathan Andrew Photography


Utrecht, Netherlands

 Information Technology & Services


 LINKIT Open Positions

LINKIT are an international, socially committed and enterprising IT sourcing company. 

Photo by Stijn Poelstra

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