Coolever Ltd is a Human Resources Company operating in the internet sector, bringing together companies, professionals and consultants. (“Coolever,” “we,” or “us”)

The Coolever is a platform through which hiring processes can be tracked and followed. The main functional area of this platform is HR SaaS, a software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers over the internet.

Professionals use our Plans to find for job opportunities and to follow hiring processes.

Companies use our Plans to post jobs and to organise hiring processes.

Our Privacy Policy applies to any Professional and Company to our Plans.

The Coolever (“we” or “us”) can modify this Privacy Policy, and if we make material changes to it, we will provide notice through our Plans, or by other means, to provide you the opportunity to review the changes before they become effective. If you object to any changes, you may close your account.

Data We Collect and Use


Data Professionals & Companies’ provide to us.

Professionals & Companies provide data to create an account with us.

To create an account Professionals & Companies need to provide data including their name, email address and a password. If you register for Company, you will need to provide payment (e.g., credit card) and billing information.

Professionals & Companies create their profile

Professionals & Companies have choices about the information on their profile, such as their education, work experience, photo, city or country and skills. Please do not post or add personal data to your profile that you would not want to be publicly available.

Professionals & Companies give other data to us

The Coolever collects personal data from Professionals & Companies when Professionals & Companies provide, post or upload it to our Plans, such as when Professionals & Companies fill out a form, (e.g., with demographic data or salary) or submit a resume. You don’t have to post or upload personal data; though if you don’t, it may limit your ability to grow and engage with your network over our Plans.


Companies and Partners may provide data to us.

The Coolever receives personal data about you when you use the Plans of our companies and partners, such as employers and applicant tracking systems providing us job application data.

The Coolever receives data about Professionals & Companies when Professionals & Companies use some of the other Services provided by us or our affiliates.

The Coolever logs your visits and use of our Plans, including mobile apps.

The Coolever uses log-ins, cookies, device information and internet protocol (“IP”) addresses to identify you and log your us.

The Coolever logs usage data when you visit or otherwise use our Plans, including our sites, app and platform technology, such as when you view or click on companies or ads (on or off our sites and apps), perform a search or update one of our mobile apps, or apply for jobs.


The Coolever collects data through cookies and similar technologies. The Coolever also allows some others to use cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. Professionals & Companies can control cookies through Professionals & Companies’ browser settings and other tools. Professionals & Companies can also opt-out from our use of cookies and similar technologies that track Professionals & Companies’ behaviour on the sites of others for third-party advertising.

Your Device and Location

The Coolever receive data from Professionals & Companies’ devices and networks, including location data.

When Professionals & Companies visit or leave our Plans (including our plugins or cookies or similar technology on the sites of others), The Coolever receives the URL of both the site Professionals & Companies came from and the one Professionals & Companies go to next. The Coolever also gets information about Professionals & Companies’ IP address, proxy server, operating system, web browser and add-ons, device identifier and features, and/or ISP or their mobile carrier.

The Coolever will ask Professionals & Companies to opt-in before we use GPS or other tools to identify Professionals & Companies’ precise location.

Sites and Plans of Others

The Coolever gets data when Professionals & Companies visit sites that include our plugins, ads or cookies or log-in to others’ Plans with their Coolever account.

The Coolever is improving our Plans, which means The Coolever gets new data and create new ways to use data.

If The Coolever collects materially different personal data or materially change how The Coolever uses Professionals & Companies’ data, The Coolever will notify Professionals & Companies and may also modify this Privacy Policy.

How We Use Your Data


Professionals use our platform to find for job opportunities and to follow hiring processes. Companies use our Plans to post jobs and to organise hiring processes.


• When Professionals apply the Adverts, Their profile can be found by those looking to hire by Companies.

• The Coolever will use Professionals data to recommend jobs, show them and others who work at a company, in an industry, function or location or have certain skills and connections.

• Professionals can signal that they are interested in changing jobs and share information with companies and consultants. The Coolever will use their data to recommend jobs to they and them to companies.

• The Coolever may use automated systems to profile and provide recommendations to help make our Plans more relevant to our Professionals and Companies.


Our Plans allow Professionals to schedule meetings with Companies. If your settings allow, we scan messages to provide “bots” or similar tools that facilitate tasks such as scheduling meetings or recommending next steps.


The Coolever serves Professionals & Companies tailored ads both on and off our Plans. The Coolever offer Professionals & Companies choices regarding personalised ads, but Professionals & Companies cannot opt-out of seeing other ads.

Aggregate Insights

The Coolever use data to generate aggregate insights.

The Coolever use Professionals & Companies’s data to produce and share aggregated insights that do not identify Professionals & Companies. For example The Coolever may use Professionals & Companies’sdata to generate statistics about our companies and professionals, their profession or industry, to calculate ad impressions served or clicked on, or to publish visitor demographics for a Service or demographic workforce insights.


The Coolever uses data for security, fraud prevention and investigations.

How We Share Information

• We use affiliated and unaffiliated service providers all over the world (including web servers, cloud storage systems, CRM providers, email services, content support teams, marketing partners,advertising partners, and others) to help us deliver our service and run our business subject to strict confidentiality agreements. These companies are authorised to use your personal information only as necessary to provide these services to us.

• In reorganisation or sale of our company or assets, your data may be transferred, subject to the acquirer and its affiliates accepting the commitments made in this Policy and compliance with applicable law.

• If you apply for a particular job through the Coolever, we will disclose your personal information to the employer to whom you apply and any vendors they are working with to process your application.

• We invite professionals to include their cv or other information in more generally available formats for us to share with companies.

• We share certain information that does not identify you personally, but which is unique to your use of the Coolever, such as job adverts that you have entered at the time of registration or on your profile.

• We will otherwise share personal information with your consent.