TransferWise is one the fastest growing companies in Europe and we’re on a mission: to make money without borders the new normal. We’ve got 8 million customers across the globe and we’re growing. Fast.

Current banking systems don’t let us send, spend or receive money across borders easily. Or quickly. Or cheaply.

So, we’re building a new one.

And, we are looking for a seasoned iOS developer to join our mission and help provide our customers with the best mobile experience possible.

What does it take?

    • passion for technology, product and user experience
    • A broad understanding of the concept of MVP (minimum viable product) and conversion rates
    • The ability to work independently and plan your own solutions to problems
    • Thinking from the customer perspective and putting them at the heart of everything you do

Is that you?

    • Great communication skills and the ability to articulate complex, technical concepts to non-technical audience
    • Experience building iOS apps that delight users
    • Full-stack iOS development (Swift, Objective-C, Foundation, UIKit, Core Data, Firebase, Mixpanel, etc)
    • A clear understanding of architectural design patterns like MVC, VIPER – the most adopted in the company – or others.
    • Experience developing payment based applications and working with payment methods
    • The desire for creating clean, testable code
    • Understanding how to design and interact with RESTful APIs
    • Experience working with tools like Bitrise, Jenkins or Fastlane
    • Experience working with a version control system like git

…but don’t worry we don’t expect you to know everything!

What the first six months in this role will look like:

    • You’ll have onboarded and found your place through understanding your team and guild vision and how you can contribute
    • Understanding the Fintech domain and our tech culture
    • You’ll have fully developed new features, from planning to release, and keep monitoring their adoption once live
    • Gone through two quarterly plannings and proposed ideas to take your product further

What You Get Back

    • The autonomy to solve problems your way
    • The freedom to have real impact
    • Loads of development opportunities
    • fun work environment with social activities and events

And more… Check out our offer here.

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