About Us

Lean Scale is a stealth startup based in Dubai. We build an Amoeba kind of organization, where we have small distributed autonomous teams to support our client base to disrupt their business and to disrupt ourselves as well. We follow Exponential Organizations (EXO) principles. We co-build & co-scale products and ventures. Our client base in the MENA region is a starting point where we believe there is a huge disruption opportunity and we are building distributed teams based in Turkey, Belarus, Ukraine & Sri Lanka.

We are building a component-based, headless digital commerce product where different clients can shape their experience with ease of configuration.

The Services We Provide

1. Digital Disruption / Transformation Journey: We run catered EXO(Exponential Organizations) Sprint together and decide Core and Edge ideas to identify potential disruption for a client business. We define the team structure, build, incubate and run these new digital businesses.

2. Innovation Scan / Investment Due Diligence: We scan the startups and perform due diligence to acquire, acquihire or invest in startups.

3. Start-up Accelerator: We hand-picked pre-seed to seed stage startups who have the positive potential and momentum of EXO and invest our time.

4. Team Building: We help our clients to build their digital capability by defining operating model, idea-to-delivery framework, find and hire the remote-culture team, build MVP following EXO Principles.

5. SaaS Tool Evaluation & Implementation: We evaluate relevant catalyst and accelerator SaaS concepts and tools to become EXO, PoC and implement them.

6. Market Entry: We support global clients to have successful MENA market entry following EXO principles.

7. Black Ops Team: We support big consultancy houses for the crucial and challenging period of the projects as white-label Black-Ops team.

8. Operation Gaia: We hire M-Shaped Entrepreneurial People. We encourage them to spin-off new startups from Lean Scale.

Job Purpose / Executive Summary:

Functional Skills

●  Expert-level JavaScript experience is required.

●  Expert-level Node Js and Java Spring Boot framework knowledge is required.

●  Strong in software engineering, design patterns, including design of microservice architecture

●  Experience working with MongoDB Atlas and in memory DB for cache – HazelCast

●  Good knowledge of test framework: JUnit

●  Good knowledge of relational databases, message queue brokers, object-oriented concepts, version control tools, and continuous integration concept

●  Strong API design skills with solid principles in designing and building RESTful web services

●  Good knowledge of AWS AppSync and Apache Kafka

●  Familiarity with concepts of MVC, JDBC, and RESTful

●  Experience with application debugging, performance profiling and performance optimization at scale

●  Experience working with key-value storages and queuing tools like Redis, Memcached, and RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, as well as non-relational data storage (Elasticsearch)

●  “Web-speed” development (weekly releases) and are comfortable delivering with tight deadlines and short release cycles.

●  Good knowledge of unix systems and GNU/Linux

●  Agile development methodology and continuous integration.

●  JIRA/Clickup issue management tool + Time Tracking Tool

Education & Experience

●  BS or MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent field.

●  4+ years’ experience as a JAVA Backend developer on technical projects and resources

●  Created functional REST API’s or e-commerce web sites using Java Spring Boot framework

●  Have great written and verbal communication skills.

●  English proficiency, both written and spoken and if not to show continuous improvement to avoid dependency