We’re looking for kickass user interface developers ready to take on some serious design.

We’re looking for smart, creative and fun loving front-end coders who have experience creating new generation user interfaces maximizing user experience to work at our platform.

About the job:

  • Work closely with both software engineers and product managers
  • Design and implement top notch products
  • Create clean maintainable code using primarily Rails, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Advocate for best practices, great usability and exceptional quality

The ideal candidate will have most of the following:

  • An engineering degree
  • 1-3 years of industry experience as user interface developer/engineer
  • Expertise in cross browser markup HTML and CSS
  • Solid experience in JavaScript and AJAX
  • Experience with a JavaScript framework (jQuery is a plus)
  • Experience with designing end-user, web-based applications
  • Experience with a server-side web framework like Rails, PHP, JSP .NET, etc. (Rails is a plus)
  • Proficiency with Fireworks, Photoshop or related tools
  • User interface design knowledge
  • Experience with a version control system (Git is a plus)
  • A strong attention to detail and a feeling of pride and ownership over the quality of our product
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • A passion and desire to work at a company trying to change the world

The most important requirements are that you’re friendly and you possess excellent communication skills. You should be more interested in figuring things out and getting things done than in getting your way.

It would be awesome to check out any portfolio stuff you might have laying around, or even better, a GitHub username. If you lack any of these, you should toss us some code samples or sample projects you’ve toyed around with in the recent days. We love the codes.


  • Salary
  • Transportation
  • Lunch
  • Fun

About HotelRunner

HotelRunner is a cloud-based digital marketing and online sales management platform for hotels and travel agencies, helping them obtain a tailored and efficient online presence.

HotelRunner, helps hotels and travel agencies to go online from offline, while creating innovative sales channels via state of the art technologies, and enabling users to achieve higher recognition in international markets, broader customer outreach, and higher profitability. Once connected, HotelRunner automates inventory distribution, maximizes direct channel revenues, and boosts profit margins.